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Past tours: around the 3 IKEA in Berlin

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The project is part of the initiative DRAUSSENSTADT supported by the Berliner Projektfonds Urbane Praxis as well as by the Senate Department for Culture and Europe.

About Us

We don't manage destinations, we create distractions

HappyTourists is the first travel agency inviting people to get lost. 


Created in 2018, HappyTourists is an art project aiming to raise awareness on how mass tourism impacts cities, as well as inventing new ways how to be (or not to be) a tourist. 


Our mission is to bring serendipity, chaos and disorder to touristic activities in order to trigger critical thinking and to suggest possible power shifts within the tourism industry.

We design creative impulses to set tourists in motion without giving them a destination.  

We distract our participants from the usual attractions, so they can escape the crowds and begin to explore the in-between spaces. We invite them to trust their instinct and discover a new world at their doorstep, to find beauty in the commonplace, surprise in the everyday, and to experience the global in the local. 

Our tours are designed to stimulate playfulness and drifting around. We encourage domestic and international tourists to become actors of their own discovery, so they can unleash the pioneers inside themselves.


We create Happynings to connect with other happy tourists and share experiences together. Our Happynings are customized in order to have a lot of fun but also seek to question our relationship to our environments. 

HappyTourists is as much an art project as a reflection about the impact of mass tourism on cities. HappyTourists started in Berlin but aims at growing communities in major cities impacted by mass tourism.​

Happy tourists take you on journeys which are
Not guaranteed

About us

Meet the guide


Soazic is a nomadic visual artist, a SurReal Estate Agent and an urban mythologist. She explored the planet from -60 meter to 6300 meter, traveled 40.000 km in Africa on public transport, lived for 6 years in India, 6 in Germany, and the rest in France. Her work always questions the relationship between human beings and their environment. She is the founder and CEO of HappyOwners, an artistic Surreal Estate Agency dreaming up new and alternative futures for cities. She is inspired by nature, palimpsest landscapes, her son and stories of exploration. 



« GetLost » is a set of  cards designed by artist Soazic Guezennec for you to create extraordinary itineraries, become an explorer, and definitely change the way you travel.


GetLost suggests directions, activities and souvenirs in a very abstract, poetic, and surrealistic way, leaving room for imagination and interpretation. 

Participants are invited to curate their own itinerary before setting themselves in motion in the landscape where they become screenwriters and performers of their own discovery.  


Our suggested instructions result in journeys which are personal, unplanned, rewarding, authentic, not guaranteed but always allow tourists to discover beauty in the commonplace and surprise in the everyday.

GetLost is aimed at tourists as well as locals wishing to take a fresh look at their environment. Suitable for families, friends or meeting new people, available as private or corporate tours,  GetLost connects individuals and their sensibilities. 

For cities struggling with the management of mass tourism, GetLost represents an original tool to facilitate and stimulate dialogue between politicians, tourists and local citizens.

For companies and organisations, GetLost proposes new and creative experiences which are  strengthening group dynamics in a fun and rewarding way.

For schools of Art and Architecture, GetLost  represents a unique educational experience for eliciting critical discourse on the concept of place and our interaction with our environment.

The game contains 93 cards in total. 

30 cards for each category: Where to go? What to do? What to bring back? 1 description card, 1 rules card , 1 disclaimer card. 

Limited edition of 100

Price: 25€  (plus shipping) 

Featured Designers


Happynings are gatherings of happy tourists in an urban or rural context, designed to experience the environment in a different way.

We give you tools to look differently, directions to feel the places, missions to trust your instinct, souvenirs to hunt. 


Happynings are for domestic and international tourists to connect, be surprised and have fun. 


Examples of Happynings


Trip to Nowhere

Hide and Seek in the Fog

Dive in the Sky

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