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About Us

We don't manage destinations, we create distractions

Happy tourists is the first travel agency which invites people to get lost.

Our mission is to bring serendipity, chaos and disorder into tourism to trigger critical thinking and power shifts into the tourism industry.

We design creative impulses to set tourists in motion without giving them destination.  

We distract them from attractions to escape the crowd and  explore the in between spaces. We invite them to trust their instinct and  discover a new world at their doorstep, the beauty in the common, the surprise in the everyday, the global in the local. 


Our experiences  emphasize playfulness and drifting to encourage domestic and international tourists to become actors of their own discovery, unleash the pioneers inside themselves.

We create Happynings to connect with other Happy tourists and share crazy experiences together.Our Happynings are customised to have fun as much as question our relationship to our environment. 

Happy Tourists is curated by a multidisciplinary team of artists, architects, sociologists, city-lovers, who want to change the way tourism shapes cities.

Happy tourists is as much an art project as a reflexion about the impact of mass tourism on cities. Happy tourists started in Berlin but aims at growing a community in all the big cities impacted by mass tourism. 

Happy tourists take you on journeys which are
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Christian is an urbanist, researcher and co-founder of POLIGONAL,  Office for Urban Communication.

His thematic focus is on urban theory, critical urban research, informal urbanism, everyday urban practices, as well as process-oriented city planning. Christian is Senior Researcher at the Habitat Unit and lecturer at the Urban Management Masters Program of the Technical University Berlin.

POLIGONAL curates, plans and moderates workshops, seminars, city walks and architectural events. 

Soazic Guezennec

Soazic is a nomadic visual artist, SurReal Estate Agent, urban mythologist. She explored the planet from -60 m to 6300, travelled 40 000 km in Africa in public transport, lived 6 years in India, 3 in Germany, the rest in France. Her work always questions the relationship between human beings and their environment. She is the founder and CEO of Happy Owners, an artistic Surreal estate agency which dreams new futures for cities. She is inspired by Nature, palimpsestes landscapes, her son and stories of exploration. 

Lukas Staudinger

Lukas Staudinger

Lukas is an architect, urban communicator and co-founder of POLIGONAL. He has taught at universities for several years. He is an expert in historical and contemporary housing, postwar urban planning, architectural heritage and everyday urban life. Currently he is a lecturer at the Berlin International University of Applied Sciences.


Meet The Team

Get lost


You've just arrived in a new city and you're tired of following the guide book and finding yourself with a crowd of tourists?  

You are living in the same city for a while and think that you've explored it all?


It's time for you to get lost !

Pick up some situations and start moving.

Our situations tell you where to go, what to do, what to bring back but will always leave space for interpretations.

You never know what will happen. Maybe nothing.... but you also might encounter the most surprising and meaningful situation of your journey. 



Happynings are gatherings of happy tourists in an urban context, designed to experience the city in a different way.

We give you tools to look differently, directions to feel the places,  missions to trust your instinct, souvenirs to hunt. 

Happynings are for domestic and international tourists to connect, be surprised and have fun. 


Examples of Happynings


Trip to Nowhere

Hide and seek in the fog

Dive in the sky

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